A water tower is an elevated structure supporting a water tank constructed at a height sufficient to pressurize a water distribution system for domestic or commercial use it can also be used for emergency storage like fire protection.


This is a raised source of light on the edge of a road or path. Similar lights may be found on a railway platform.


We also supply an entire range of Truck, Pickup, Bus Bodies, body fabrication and keep innovating them based on current market trends and expectations. Our company is well established in fabrication of an exquisite range of bus bodies with cabins keeping in tune with international standards. These cabins are well constructed with the help of the latest technology and sophisticated skills. We use premium grades of steel, aluminum and iron and for its construction. These cabins are given a luxury finish and have an attractive look. We also customize our range of cabins according to the specifications provided by our clients.


A roller shutter, security shutter, coiling door, roller door or sectional overhead door is a type of door or window shutter consisting of many horizontal slats hinged together. The door is raised to open it and lowered to close it. On large doors, the action may be motorized.


Solar tower, also known as 'central tower' power plants or 'heliostat' power plants or power towers, is a type of solar furnace using a tower to receive the focused sunlight. It uses an array of flat, movable mirrors to focus the sun's rays upon a collector tower.

Various types of Door Security Systems repairing.

Different types of Door Security Systems repairing  Our fully qualified and experienced engineers carry out door entry system repairs and maintenance inspections on any system despite its age, condition  

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